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Alaska Gold Exchange

Jimi Cash’s Alaska Gold Exchange – Helping the Community with a Local Gold Rush

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (CitizenWire) — During these tough economic times, one of the most difficult things to do is raise funds for a charity or community event. Most people are worried about their home value, their job, and generally are not in the best mood – much less thinking about doing something for the community right […]

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New version of patented Prostate Cradle from Enviromax helps men achieve sexual health and fitness

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (CitizenWire) — Enviromax has done it again. Five years ago, it introduced the world’s first external prostate massager – the patented Prostate Cradle. Thousands of customers later, it’s introducing a new patented version – the ‘Extra Soft’ – designed for men with tender prostates. So, men now have two options.

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