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Neotrope® Entertainment ( has created this privacy statement to explain our commitment to your privacy. We seek to protect your private information so that you have an enjoyable viewing experience on our Web site. We will not sell, rent, trade, or disclose your personally identifiable information to anyone except as explained in this policy.

This Web site is part of the Neotrope News Network of content sites, all of which contain the same privacy statement. This site is a publication of Neotrope, established 1983 in California, USA. Neotrope® is a registered trademark and service mark in the U.S. and other countries – all rights reserved.

Please return to this page from time to time, as we will be updating this statement as our services continue to grow. We welcome and encourage questions, comments, and suggestions. Please contact us by going to our “contact us” page on this site.

Policy statement was last updated: Jan. 1, 2010.

This policy statement contains the following topics:

• Personally Identifiable Information
• Security
• Cookies and Privacy
• Children and Privacy
• How You Can Change Your Information and Preferences
• How You Can Contact Us

Personally Identifiable Information

Definition of Personally Identifiable Information

“Personally identifiable information” is your name, company, address, e-mail address, phone number(s) and credit card information.

Where We Collect Personally Identifiable Information

Neotrope collects personally identifiable information when you (1) register for an account and/or make a purchase through our secure server located on a Neotrope site, (2) subscribe to our e-newsletter(s) on this site (and/or, (3) enter contests, (4) submit feedback, or other inquiries through either site that require registration.

How We Use Personally Identifiable Information

Neotrope use your personally identifiable information to bill your credit card for purchases as applicable, to confirm your orders, to prevent fraud against you, and to contact you. For example, when you place an order for services, we need to know your name, company, e-mail address, address, and credit card information. This allows us to fulfill your order for our services and notify you of your order status.

Neotrope will also compile aggregate data from all of our customers to prepare internal reports about which pages are popular, how many total unique users visit our site, and different traffic patterns. and this site do not combine your personally identifiable information with information about pages visited, purchases made, or any other clickstream data.

Who We Disclose Personally Identifiable Information To

Neotrope will not sell, rent, trade or disclose your personally identifiable information to anyone except as explained in this policy. Neotrope may disclose some personal information to outside companies who help Neotrope with the administration and delivery of purchases, newsletters, and sweepstakes. For example, a company who administers a sweepstakes for us may use your e-mail address to update you on your status in the sweepstakes. Or, our newsletters may be distributed by another company who will use your e-mail or shipping address for delivery. These companies are not allowed to utilize your informaton for any other purpose, or share it with an additional party under any circumstances.

Aggregate statistical data gathered from customers, but NOT personally identifiable information, may be shared with our Affiliate Program members in order to calculate sales information. Neotrope may also disclose your personal information to law enforcement personnel, government officials, or others when we, in our sole discretion, believe that disclosure is necessary to prevent violations of the law, injury to person or property, or any harm to Neotrope or others.


We use reasonable security practices to keep any personally identifiable information about you secure. We operate our own Linux-based Web servers and subscription data is stored outside of public server areas. Our secure server and checkout system can be verified as holding a valid SSL certificate, signed by Thawte (a unit of Verisign). No credit card data provided during checkout is retained on our servers in either public or private areas, and our payment gateway provider ( has been certified as Visa CISP compliant. We also participate in the BBB Identity Theft awareness campaign. For payments made via PayPal, the purchase will be subject to PayPal’s security and privacy policy found in their payment screens.

Cookies and Privacy

What A Cookie Is

A “cookie” is a small piece of data that is sent to your browser from a Web server and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies store information about your use of a particular Web site or service and are typically used to make services more convenient and personalized. Most cookies are “session cookies,” which are automatically deleted whenever you leave a Web site (and end the “session”). Some cookies remain on your computer until you remove them.

How We Use Cookies

We use cookies (1) to estimate the number of visitors to our Web site, (2) to measure general traffic patterns, (3) to remember if you’ve registered for member-only content or the ability to post comments, and (4) to help us determine which of our Affiliate Program affiliates and partners make customer referrals to our Web sites.

Companies that place ads on the Neotrope News Network Web sites (such as within the pages of news article stories outside the Neotrope service and information pages) may also use their own cookies to help determine the frequency and placement of particular ads. Your browser controls how cookies are used and can be set to not allow them. However, it is likely that our shopping cart system may not function properly for you if your browser refuses “all” cookies.

We expressly do not use any “spyware,” “adware,” or other tracking mechanisms. If you come to our Web site from an affiliate partner, a tracking cookie is set to identify that our affiliate partner has “referred” you to us, so that they get credit on your purchase during checkout. The cookie then expires, or will expire in 14 days if no purchase is made after clicking an affiliate link.

Some examples of cookies include tracking of whether a story has been submitted to Twitter, Yahoo! Buzz, Google Buzz, or similar. These types of cookies should appear in your Web browser security settings and you may choose whether or not to accept them. In many modern browsers like IE7, they are blocked automatically unless you allow them.

Children and Privacy

Our Policy for Guests Under Age 18

Neotrope and this Web site are committed to protecting the privacy of children. We encourage parents and guardians to explore the Web with their children or students. Visitors under age 18 may NOT submit any personally identifiable information to Neotrope or this site, and/or our related sites in the Neotrope News Network.

How You Can Change Your Information and Preferences

Accessing, Updating, Correcting, Or Deleting Your Information

If you have an account with this site, you may update your information through your account log-in. If you have subscribed to content via RSS in a news reader, you must edit any subscription settings in your news reader, and not from this site.

Use of Your Information

Neotrope and this site will NOT contact you about our services and/or products, unless you subscribe to our e-newsletter, or place a purchase from our site(s). If you request it, you may also receive updates on our services and special offers from us. Your information will NOT be given to any other party for promotional purposes.

Cookie Notification and Disabling

Most browsers permit you to set the browser to accept, reject, or notify you of cookie use. However, some parts of the Web site may not function properly if your browser is set to reject cookies. Cookies are used to track your log-in for special services like member-only content, or posting comments.

Updates to This Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is updated periodically and should be reviewed prior to placing an order with Neotrope. There is currently no provision for you to be automatically updated when our privacy policy changes because we don’t require our customers to create an “account” in order to use our service. (See “effective date” below.)

Effective Date

This privacy policy’s effective date will be considered January 1, 2006 for purposes of California’s 2004 privacy provisions, or any other government entity.

Contact Information

Please direct questions, comments and suggestions regarding this statement to the Privacy Manager, Neotrope, PMB 822 PO Box 7000, Redondo Beach, CA 90277-8710.

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