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About Us

CitizenWire™ is an online news portal covering U.S. business, entertainment, technology, and government news. Additionally, the site includes original articles and blogs from our editorial staff, on topics of lifestyle and entertainment. We also aggregate news release content from several popular and respected newswire services.

We don’t offer or allow any “paid content” such as faux articles, so-called “sock puppet” articles, or the like. All comments and feedback is moderated, and we adhere to all U.S. and international intellectual property laws.

This site officially launched August 1, 2010, and has NO relationship to any other site or company using the term “citizen wire,” or anyone owning or using a similar domain name.

This site ( / is published and managed by Neotrope®, a content publishing and entertainment company, based in California USA, established in January of 1983. Senior editor, Christopher Laird Simmons, is a member of the PRSA, and ASCAP, and has been a professional journalist since 1984. All staff, business offices, Web servers, and operations are fully 100% U.S. based.

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Editorial Offices and Contact Info
Our main editorial office is located in Torrance, California, USA, with a permanent mailing and business address in Redondo Beach, Calif. Our business location is also listed with D&B, the BBB, and the State of California, and County of Los Angeles. Our editorial staff work from their own homes as a “virtual company.”

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PLEASE DO NOT e-mail us press releases, story ideas, tips or similar, as we cannot use such content and it will be considered spam (unsolicited e-mail). We also have no interest in link exchanges, or selling keyword ads inside of our content. Please see link at bottom of each page for advertising information.

Citizen Journalists Wanted

One of our goals with CitizenWire is to also become a news site where citizens like yourself can be a “local reporter,” for your town/city, or a columnist writing about topics that interest you.

To keep content clean and legitimate, everything is moderated by professional editors; this is not a free site to post paid content, “news spam,” or fake articles you’ve been paid to write on behalf of clients. No “sock puppets” allowed!

We’re a real company, not just a Web site, with nearly 30 years of credibility in the publishing industry. Hopefully you will find what we’re doing here to be interesting, and consider hopping aboard.

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