Silent Auction: OASA Records to Auction Rare Live Rehearsal Tape Featuring Aretha Franklin and the Late Van McCoy

OASA Records, LLCWASHINGTON, D.C. (CitizenWire) — OASA Records announced this week its silent auction of a live and rare rehearsal tape, never heard before, featuring Aretha Franklin and the late Van McCoy singing a tune titled, “I Was Made for You, You Were Made for Me.”

“McCoy, who gave the world the memorable tune, ‘The Hustle,’ gave me this rare recording, made approximately 30 years ago at his mansion in Englewood Cliffs, N.J.,” says Tony Whitfield of OASA Records. This is a must have for any 70’s music collection.”

“I Was Made for You, You Were Made for Me,” was officially recorded by Atlantic Records in 1979, and can be found on the Queen of Soul’s “La Diva” album.

In this initial rehearsal recording, the late McCoy plays the Fender Rhodes keyboard. This unique body of work is authentic and unaltered, originally recorded on a MEMOREX MRX3 Oxide 90-minute cassette tape.

As a package deal, the highest bidder will receive the original MEMOREX cassette tape; a professionally-recorded transfer of the song on CD; and the 1979 Atlantic Records recorded LP version of Franklin and McCoy singing, “I Was Made for You, You Were made for Me,” with a live studio orchestra. The last bid was $1.8 Million.

It’s important to note that no information was lost during restoration transfer from the MEMOREX MRX3 Oxide 90-minute cassette tape to CD.

To learn more about the silent auction and to listen to a 29-second sound bite of the recording, visit: .

For more information, or to place a bid, e-mail: .

Editor’s Note: carefully verify and authenticate any claims made by auctioneer(s) as to validity of offered collectible prior to purchase.

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