Author and Speaker Marilyn Schoeman launches Global Green Light Day on March 21

Marilyn SchoemanSEATTLE, Wash. (CitizenWire) — Global Green Light Day (GGLD) is a powerful new global movement. Initiated by Marilyn Schoeman, creator of Green Light(R), it occurs on the first day of spring, March 21. On this day, step out with your Greenest spirit and enjoy Global Green Light Day. The Green Light(R) Goal is: Create the greatest good, in the best way, for the most people, for the longest time. “A standard rule for some is ‘First, do no harm.’ With Green Light, it is, ‘First, do some good – then do some more,'” declares Schoeman.

Marilyn Schoeman is an international speaker, business consultant and author of, “GO! How to Think, Speak and ACT to Make Good Things Happen” (ISBN: 978-0-9841497-9-7; paperback, $19.95; available at, B&N and Her company is Trinadigm(TM).

To get GO power, “Go beyond a paradigm shift, all the way to a Trinadigm shift,” recommends Schoeman. “Green Light is the quantum leap beyond a paradigm shift that improves everything.”

Spread Green Light thoughts, words, and ACTIONS. This is a new way for us to be of service and to rally round the planet – to Green it up. Make March 14-21 a Green Light week. St. Patrick’s Day adds a big dose of green midweek. Plan a series of Green Light actions, ending with a celebration of your achievements on the 21st. Start your day with a Green Light greeting. Sound off with a “Good morning, world! Happy Global Green Light Day!” Celebrate the day in a bright Green Light Way.

Green someone’s day. Who might you thank for a favor, a gift, or contribution? Who might you call with an uplifting message? What nearby area, roadside or park can you beautify or clear of trash? Who might you give an hour of two of help – babysitting, running an errand or just sharing your good company? Gather pieces of Green Light news to share with others. Expand friendships in the process. Find a Green Light colleague or partner and make something Green happen. Collect books for shelters and disadvantaged youth. Share Green Light ideas and actions at a hospital, school, or retirement center.

Find Green Light workers and commend them. Spread the Green news about their impact. Initiate Green Light conversations. Write a compliment or thank you on a business card or note pad and give it to a flight attendant, server, mechanic, or other day-brightener. Send a Green Light message by mail, phone, or email. Inhale gratitude. Exhale regret. Inhale joy. Exhale stress. Spread joy around you. Volunteer. Serve a worthy cause – education, social justice, the environment, literacy, health or other concerns.

This is the day to play, “How Green can you be?” How many smiles can you generate? How many compliments can you give? On March 21, give the term “Green with envy” a new meaning! Every Green thought, word and action Greens up the day for others – and yourself as well. Relish the Green Light outcomes.

Continue Green efforts throughout the year. As a Green Light DO-er, turn your creative ideas into reality. Go Green! Enjoy it. Celebrate it. Spread the Green news. Know that you are contributing to a global focus that benefits all. Salutes for your contribution to Global Green Light Day – and for every Green Light action you take.

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