Fifth generation diamond cutter Brian Gavin speaks at ASA International Conference Gems and Jewelry Program in Las Vegas

Diamond Cutter Brian GavinHOUSTON, Texas (CitizenWire) — Brian Gavin, fifth generation diamond cutter and creator of his internationally renowned Signature Hearts and Arrows “super ideal” diamond brand, was a featured speaker at the ASA International Conference Gems and Jewelry Program in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 26 – 28, at the J.W. Marriott Resort and Spa. Gavin detailed the development of his Hearts and Arrows Grading System and the strict parameters he enforces to ensure true, symmetrical hearts and arrows patterning. He also recounted his entry into the Internet “e-tail” marketing business in 1999 and described his exciting journey of growth and success in the years since.

In the 1980s, Japanese cutters developed the hearts and arrows design. When examined through reflecting viewers, these diamonds display a pattern of eight “hearts” in the pavilion, and eight “arrows” in the table-up position. Beginning in 1997, Brian and his father, Benjamin Gavin, refined the parameters of the hearts and arrows design. Their refinements involved exacting each angle of the diamond’s facets creating an ideal balance between optimum brilliance (return of light to the eye) and the scattering of light (the prismatic effect that separates white light into its spectral colors). In 2000, he launched his first online “e-tail” Web site, marketing the much sought after precision-cut diamonds to consumers.

In 2004, Gavin was invited to present his system for grading hearts and arrows diamonds at the first International Diamond Cut Conference (IDCC), in Moscow, Russia. Since then his system has become a recognized standard, used by credentialed diamond appraisers and consumer-protection laboratories as well as emulated by other diamond cutters worldwide. This new standard for the hearts and arrows cut earned him the nickname and reputation, “Brian the Cutter.”

“Relationship and trust are crucial factors for success in online buying,” Gavin points out. “Customers are spending a considerable amount of money without seeing their purchase in person.” To address this concern, Gavin and his staff are readily available to consult with customers via phone or email to guide and assist them through the purchase process.

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Gavin’s Web site, was launched in 2009, with offices based in Houston, Texas. Brian Gavin is a fifth-generation diamond cutter originally from South Africa. He has served as a consultant to one of the world’s major diamond grading labs and to several diamond factories recognized for precision-cut diamonds. In 1997, he introduced his signature line, “A Cut Above” and more recently launched his new Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamonds, cut to even more exacting standards than previously.

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