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Christopher Zoukis reports that the U.S. releases around 800,000 Prisoners each year, and most return

PETERSBURG, Va. /CitizenWire/ — Most Americans don't consider prisons when lamenting scholarship reductions at their local college or higher taxes on gas when filling up at the pump. Maybe they should. According to Christopher Zoukis, author of the forthcoming "Education Behind Bars" (ISBN: 978-1934597774; Sunbury Press, December 2011), upwards of $60 billion a year can […]

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Christopher Zoukis

Americans should support education in our prison system, says author Christopher Zoukis in new book

PETERSBURG, Va. /CitizenWire/ — Why should the American taxpayer care about people who are incarcerated in our prison system? Simple, it is a true cost-saving measure that should be discussed. In "EDUCATION BEHIND BARS" (ISBN: 978-1934597774; Sunbury Press) author Christopher Zoukis makes the case for why all Americans should support education in our prison system. […]

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