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POGOSKILL: Pokemon GO Fest 2024

NEW YORK, N.Y. /CitizenWire/ -- PoGoskill, the leading GPS location spoofer software, has released the iOS App with version 2.7.0. The new version features innovative "Round Trip" and "Loops Movement" functionalities, allowing users to hatch Pokémon eggs without walking or moving.

Players can now enjoy a more comfortable and convenient way to engage in the event, maximizing their egg-hatching efficiency. This update especially benefits players during the upcoming Pokemon GO Fest 2024, scheduled for July 13-14.

What's New in PoGoskill iOS App 2.7.0?

* Round Trip and Loops Movement: Set round trip mode or loop route mode during single spot movement. You can customize the speed and use this feature to easily hatch eggs at Pokémon GO Fest 2024 and complete game missions quickly.

* Reset the app without a computer: Sign in to your Apple ID and reset the apps on your device every 7 days. It no longer requires a computer except to install the app.

How to Hatch Pokémon Eggs Without Walking or Moving at Pokemon GO Fest 2024?

Use these PoGoskill features during Pokemon GO Fest 2024:

1. Change GPS Location: With one click to change the location to the event venue, you can easily catch shiny Pokémon without tickets.

2. Round Trip: Use the feature in Single Spot Movement to have your avatar automatically make an unlimited number of round trips between the start and end points on a customized route.

3. Loop Movement: Create loop movement routes, your avatar will loop as you set the number of times. Set customized speeds to speed up completing hatching eggs. Efficiently and easily complete game missions for rewards.

Feature Highlights:

* Jump Teleport: Seamlessly jump between different locations or set up automatic jumps after cooldown periods.

* GPX File Import/Export: Easily import and export GPX files to view and initiate custom routes on a map.

* Restore Real Location: Revert to your real location with a simple tap.

* Cross-Platform Availability: Now available on Windows, Mac, and Android platforms to meet a wide range of user needs.

About PoGoskill:

PoGoskill is a renowned software company providing top-notch GPS spoofing solutions for the iOS and Android platforms. With more than 100 million users, PoGoskill is constantly upgrading its features to ensure an improved user experience, making it a trusted and reliable provider of GPS spoofing software, especially for AR games.

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