QualityIndex names Interior Design iPhone App by RemodelorMove one of the 10 most acclaimed apps of 2012

ABCD Publishing LLCSUNNYVALE, Calif. /CitizenWire/ — The Interior Design iPhone app available free from Remodel or Move was named one of the 10 most acclaimed apps in 2012 by The report, published January 7, 2013, explained, "It's not too hard to find the best selling titles in the App Store, but what about the highest-quality examples? The Quality Index (or Qi, for short) trawls the web for game and app reviews from the world's most respected online and print sources…Qi then collates the critiques, applies a magic formula, and delivers a single, definitive Qiscore for each iPhone game and app."

The award-winning interior design app along with the website,, provide a suite of free tools that make home remodeling easier and less stressful.

The tools include:
1. "Should you remodel?" It often is not an easy decision. Get an instant answer from the intelligent and free online Should I Remodel decision-making tool!

2. "How much will it cost to remodel?" No reason to wait until talking to a contractor; get a budgetary estimate from your smart phone or from the website by using one of the 10 calculators to estimate the cost of remodeling a kitchen or your entire home.

3. "What should I remodel?" "Where do I get ideas?" "Where do I find…?" are three of the most common questions from homeowners. The RemodelOrMove smartphone app and website can help here, too! Search millions of design ideas photos to find the look you want for an entire room or just a specific red pendant light for your countertop. Once you find what you like, save it to your personal, private IdeaFile that you can access from any computer or your smartphone.

4. The next big question is "Where do I get the help I need?" can help here, too – find an interior designer, architect or contractor via the app or website.

5. As your project progresses, use your smartphone to find solutions to problems as they arise – searching for products on the RemodelOrMove smartphone app and in more than 1,000 articles that cover every stage of remodeling from start to finish.

Regardless of the size of your remodel, has all the essential tools you need to ensure your project finishes on budget and on schedule. Visit Remodel or Move now or download the app in the Google Play and iPhone App Stores.

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