2013 Driving Away Hunger Campaign launched by Premier Medical Transportation

Premier Medical Transportation, Inc.COLTON, Calif. /CitizenWire/ — Premier Medical Transportation, a Colton-based medical transportation company, has partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank to serve Riverside and San Bernardino in a year-long campaign, Driving Away Hunger. Premier Medical Transportation will donate one meal to Second Harvest Food Bank for every transport call they receive. The Driving Away Hunger campaign began Nov. 1, just in time for the holiday season and will run throughout 2013.

Instead of global hunger campaigns, Premier Medical Transportation's partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank will allow them to impact Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. By donating one meal for every transport call received, the Driving Away Hunger campaign has the potential to help thousands of local residents and families.

"Our goal is to eliminate food insecurity in our own backyard," says Tony Myrell, Chief Executive Officer of Premier Medical Transportation. "Many seniors and kids in Riverside and San Bernardino counties don't know where their next meal is coming from. We believe in giving back to our community, and this is a great way to help. With an average of 140 new transport runs each day, we can provide 700 to 800 meals weekly for those in need."

In San Bernardino and Riverside counties, more than 500,000 people live in economically disadvantaged households, many of which cannot provide regular meals. These Inland Empire families rely on charities and agencies for assistance with meals, and these organizations obtain their food at Second Harvest Food Bank.

"It takes a village to feed a village," states Tracylyn Sharrit from the Second Harvest Food Bank. "We are happy that Premier Medical Transportation has engaged in this effort to keep people healthy. Hunger is an epidemic in America. Premier Medical Transportation understands that those who do not eat cannot stay healthy."

Premier Medical Transportation expects to see an increase in its business; however, its focus is more important: providing meals to those in need.

"The more transports we run, the more meals we are able to give," says Myrell.

About Premier Medical Transportation, Inc.:

Premier Medical Transportation, Inc. (PMT) was established in June of 2000 by three healthcare professionals who have an accumulation of over 75 years experience serving southern California's healthcare community.

Headquartered in Colton, Calif., Premier Medical Transportation has a staff of 190 highly trained team members including dispatchers, billing staff, customer service representatives, Non-emergent drivers, Emergency Medical Technicians and Nurses. Its fleet of ambulances and vans are equipped to exceed all local, State, and Title 22 requirements to provide the highest quality transportation to the customers and communities served.

Premier Medical Transportation is a leading provider of service oriented, cost effective non-emergent medical transportation. The staff of PMT is committed to this need in the local healthcare community. Because of this commitment, Premier Medical Transportation has rapidly become the company of choice in Southern California for medical transportation services. As a complement to its non-emergent transportation and Ambulance services, PMT has begun to offer Critical Care Transportation services within the Riverside County areas.

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About Second Harvest Food Bank:

Since 1980, Second Harvest Food Bank serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties has helped those most in need by distributing food and other essential products through over 400 nonprofit agencies. These 400 qualified agencies redistribute the Second Harvest food and products free of charge to children, working families, the elderly, reservist families, disabled veterans, the recently unemployed and the homeless. It is a member of the Feeding America national network of food banks, the largest anti-hunger network in the United States and the third largest non-profit in the nation. Altogether, Feeding America serves more than 25 million people in need.

As a member of Feeding America, Second Harvest Food Bank serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties has continuous access to nationally donated food, including from national manufacturers such as Kraft, Del Monte, Kellogg's, and more than a thousand other corporations. The food received is free, with the only cost being transportation. For every dollar donated to Second Harvest Food Bank, it can distribute over $20.00 worth of food to the local communities. Since its inception, Second Harvest Food Bank has provided more than three hundred and fifty million pounds of emergency food to hungry families in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. To access food distributed from Second Harvest Food Bank please dial 211 on by phone to find a pantry nearest to you.

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