Talk of the Awards Newsletter covers new educational research called emotional intelligence

Celebration Media U.S.FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (CitizenWire) — The most effective employees possess both traditional intelligence and people skills, a combination called emotional intelligence, according to an article in the new and highly anticipated Talk of the Awards Newsletter, which will be available to Customer Care News Magazine subscribers, and Talk of the Town Award winners.

The lead story of the newsletter is “Building Customer Loyalty through Higher Emotional Intelligence,” which is defined as the ability to build and maintain positive relationships through managing emotions, empathetically connecting with people, trusting “gut” feelings, being aware of and attending to nonverbal communication, and its critical role in customer service.

The article explores the science of emotional intelligence as it relates to the restaurant industry and how people skills play a large role in customer loyalty, client retention and market share. The featured article is written by Dr. Keith Levick, Associate Publisher of Customer Care News, a subsidiary of Celebration Media U.S. and its sister company, Talk of the Town Awards.

The highly informative newsletter, designed to help businesses improve customer care and generate higher customer satisfaction ratings on outcome studies and customer loyalty, will also include articles on the latest trends and issues in customer care and views from leading industry experts.

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About Celebration Media U.S. and CMUS Talk of the Town Awards:

Celebration Media U.S. provides companies with valuable information on improving customer care, through its publishing division, which produces Customer Care News, and its research department, which provides businesses with information on customer service best practices. This commitment has led to the creation of Talk of the Town Awards and the CMUS Power Ratings(TM) award program, which are dedicated to identifying companies that are excelling in high-rated customer service feedback and offering them valuable marketing opportunities to leverage their award.

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