Fundraising parties, often with cheese, wine, and entertainment are springing up all over the United States, thanks to The Gold Exchange

The Gold ExchangeDENVER, Colo. (CitizenWire) — With the economy in the state it has been over past few years, and the price of gold as high as it has ever been, some may find it ironic, that charity fundraising is at an all-time high, says The Gold Exchange. Fundraising parties, often with cheese, wine, and entertainment are springing up all over the United States, with patrons selling off their old watches, bracelets, rings or necklaces, to benefit local charities and public causes.

One of the fastest growing providers of these popular parties, and a forerunner in the business is Denver’s own, The Gold Exchange. Les Harrell, the founder of the company, created The Gold Exchange as a solution to organizations and individuals who were trying to raise money for their future and individual needs. Having worked in the jewelry industry for over 20 years, he decided that he wanted to create an organization that provided a unique service that would not only allow people to sell their older precious metals, but help to raise both funds and community awareness for several local causes. These causes have ranged from high school sports, churches, dance studios, and other local charitable organizations.

Originally started as a personal project, the idea caught on very quickly, and before Les knew it, the Gold Exchange parties were booked several months out, and he was being asked to setup services in more locations. He decided to franchise the idea, with a very low cost of entry, and to help others to setup their own local services. To date, The Gold Exchange, and Heart to Heart Gold Exchange, now have over 21 franchise offices in the United States, and are currently pursuing new openings in Texas, northern Ohio, and greater Seattle. The sheer volume of gold, silver, and platinum has induced the company to purchase and operate its very own refinery, giving it an even greater advantage over its competitors, and allowing them to offer even better pricing.

“We had no idea that so many others would not only see our Gold parties as a great way to raise funds, but want to bring the same service back to their hometowns. The growth and interest has been amazing – especially now, when gold is at its highest selling price,” said Les Harrell, the founder. “Not only has this created new business opportunities for some of the Exchange operators, this is helping pump funds into a lot of local services and charities that might be getting neglected or short changed in this economy. It is a great way to give back – and have fun in the process.”

The Gold Exchange and its private fund raising parties have been featured on CNN, and Local affiliates of ABC and the CW in the Denver for both its rapid growth, and its ability to help community charities. Les Harrell, its founder, has been interviewed and featured in the media as an expert in this growing field, as well an outspoken advocate for ethics and fair pricing in the precious metal field. His service has been compared to other national chains both for pricing offered, and for the gold party experience – and has been given high marks.

The Gold Exchange is also one of the only members in its category that is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

About The Gold Exchange and Heart to Heart Gold Exchange:

The Gold Exchange and Heart to Heart Gold Exchange were founded in Littleton, Colorado. Les Harrell, the founder of both organizations has been in the jewelry and precious metal industry for over 20 years. His credits include, Graduate Gemologist, Certified Appraiser, Jewelry Designer and craftsman. Les also previously owned and operated a retail custom jewelry store in the Littleton, Colorado area that was well respected within the community. The Gold Exchange offices and store are now located at 3140 S. Parker Road, Aurora CO 80014.

To request a fundraising gold party for your organization or cause, or to learn more about The Gold Exchange or Heart to Heart Gold Exchange, please call 1-800-372-9041, or visit the company’s websites – or .

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