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GIV-N-GET LLCPLACERVILLE, Calif. (CitizenWire) — When the closet holds more things you don’t use than things you do, when the garage is so full of stuff that you can’t put a car in it or the basement is too full to hold another box, a new web site: launched by three people to promote local generosity and giving (Company Name: GIV-N-GET LLC) offers a way to give your things away directly to others for FREE. is dedicated to local sharing in any community or group and provides an electronic forum for matching up usable items you no longer need with another person, neighbor or friend. The EGIVA site is free and easy to use. Users set up a confidential profile and all emails are sent safely through the EGIVA email system. Donors use the “Give” tab to list an item available and to be given away. Those seeking an item use the “Get” tab to seek what they need through the many categories of available items.

Any organization or individual can set up an EGIVA group and invite others to participate. This capability gives groups freedom to coordinate their membership and keep donations within the group if they choose. A group can consist of friends, neighbors, coworkers, fellow members of an organization or any other affiliation.

EGIVA’s mission is to spread a contagious attitude of generosity. Anyone can give hope; can make a difference and the team at EGIVA would like to coordinate the world’s free items for everyone to share within their communities.

EGIVA is the realization of a dream for Virginia Miller-Weiseth, a California schoolteacher who wanted a way to connect those who have with those in need. She began the site with her son, Jamison Miller, a UC Berkeley graduate and her husband, Edwin Weiseth, a retired executive.

To join EGIVA, go to . Create a profile and begin offering or seeking items in your area.

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