Learning and talent measurement solutions leader launches ‘Best Performance Awards’ for human capital industry

KnowledgeAdvisorsCHICAGO, Ill. (CitizenWire) — KnowledgeAdvisors, the world’s largest provider of learning and talent measurement solutions, today proudly announced Sprint and New Horizons Computer Learning Centers as recipients in their premier Best Performance awards. Sprint and New Horizons were recognized by KnowledgeAdvisors for top Corporate University and top Customer Education provider respectively. These are the only awards of their kind where no application is accepted. Instead, real data from day-to-day programs is used to determine the best performers.

KnowledgeAdvisors’ customers, and their implementation partners, representing multiple industries across the globe were reviewed. These annual awards cannot be applied for and are based on the following objective criteria. They have been validated by a thorough data analysis and a follow-up interview.

* Effectiveness: received superior ratings for: instructor effectiveness, courseware quality, learning effectiveness, job impact, business results, and ROI;
* Improvement: showed consistent or upwardly trending values; used data to improve courses;
* Volume: collected high volumes of evaluations annually;
* Process: set goals and monitored performance;
* Strategy: engaged leaders with useful data for decision making.

Sprint uses KnowledgeAdvisors’ proprietary evaluation tool, Metrics That Matter®, to assess training effectiveness. More than a quarter of a million evaluations were collected in 2009 and 2010. Results from these evaluations showed that Sprint ranked in the top 5 among all of KnowledgeAdvisors’ clients on 5 of 6 effectiveness criteria. Quality training has played an important role in customer satisfaction. Several years ago, Sprint was experiencing large numbers of calls into customer care and the ability for Sprint associates to resolve customer issues on the first call, first call resolution, was lower than the company wanted it to be. Through the implementation of several process improvements, including changes to training based on effectiveness feedback, Sprint has experienced eleven consecutive quarters of improvement in customer care satisfaction and first call resolution.

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers also uses KnowledgeAdvisors’ proprietary evaluation tool, Metrics That Matter®, to assess training effectiveness. New Horizons collects more than half a million evaluations annually. Results demonstrate that New Horizons ranks number 1 or 2 for five of the six effectiveness criteria when measured against all companies and organizations using the evaluation tool. The VP of Learning & Development shares performance data from Metrics That Matter® with centers monthly so they can monitor gaps and continuously improve. The number of learning centers that exceeded the organization’s performance goal (92nd percentile) increased by 15%. Additionally, each year New Horizons honors its best locations with a 5-Star Award, an award given to those who only achieve the highest level of quality using Metrics That Matter data as one of the five award criteria. Since inception, the number of centers that have achieved this award has increased by 50%.

“KnowledgeAdvisors’ Best Performance awards showcase the success leading organizations are having as a result of their use of our next generation learning evaluation system, Metrics that Matter,” said Kent Barnett, Chief Executive Officer, KnowledgeAdvisors. “We are pleased to congratulate Sprint and New Horizons for their world class performance and their commitment to measurement to drive that performance.”

You can see the award winners discuss their world-class measurement approaches at the 2011 Analytics Symposium, March 9-11, in Dallas Texas. To learn more about this event, visit: .

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KnowledgeAdvisors is the world’s largest provider of learning and talent measurement solutions. Leading organizations access its measurement expertise and on-demand software to ensure a high-performing workforce. As a thought leader in Human Capital Analytics, KnowledgeAdvisors provides the most comprehensive analytics solutions in the market. By combining measurement expertise, on-demand evaluation software, and integrated analytics solutions with benchmarking, organizations gain the necessary insights on how to best develop their workforce. For more about KnowledgeAdvisors, visit: .

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