Opinion: African Governments Should Initiate Taxation from Onset of Business Start-Ups

Henry Oliver FordWEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CitizenWire) — Mr. Henry Oliver Ford is a man that most people have never heard of before. Mr. Ford spends every moment of the day working to create a better world. Henry works to provide food to West Africa. Ford helps to run World Food Association. Mr. Ford founded this company with one vision in mind. Henry Oliver’s vision was to help the impoverished indigenous populations of countries such as Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Togo, Burkina Faso and Ghana. Mr. Henry Oliver Ford goes days without rest.

Often his restless nights stem from his discontent of the disproportionate quality of life of Africa’s inhabitants from the vast global economic benefit that other countries have received from Africa’s rich natural Resources.

Africa is a continent that other continents have pilfered for years. Other countries of the world have gone to Africa to capitalize of the natural resources such as gold, diamonds, bauxite, silver and many other minerals. However, the lack of structured government and unenforced economic regulations have allowed international business conglomerates a privilege of profit independent of professional and ethical public policy.

Most businesses set-up business and take advantage of the system of economics in the African countries. One example of this is the Five year tax waiver on minerals from foreigners that form new domestic corporations in Africa. These waivers are used frequently in West African Countries to stimulate the development of new business sectors to perspective businesses.

The growth in new business start-ups has doubled in the last three years imparts because of this however so the amount of new business “turnover.” has The reason for the increase in turnover is due to the fact that most of these “new start-ups incorporate the exit strategy of Fourth year closure.

This exit strategy allows businesses to generate huge and unmitigated profits for four consecutive years and “close their doors,” prior to paying the much needed taxes that would help the governments of these West African countries.

Mr. Henry Oliver Ford says, “The African Governments should initiate taxation from the onset of new business start ups and allow the taxes to aggregate over the five year time frame and release the accrued tax revenue in the fifth year to the new start-ups.”

Ford feels this would “weed out” these corporations that have poor social policies that are predicated on self vilification. Henry Oliver says that if the West African countries accrued this revenue base and converted to a “Holding Company” form of economic strategy; the funds accumulated would create an innovative form of self-finance that would propel African Countries forward at an astounding rate. Other countries such as Dubai have implemented this strategy.

Although Dubai is now “debt ridden,” from this strategy; Ford feels that these strategies in conjunction with a strong Agricultural back bone would stimulate sound growth that would be sustainable. He has many concepts that work towards “the greater good on all mankind.”

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