NetSecurity Provides Hands-On How-To Computer Forensics Training

cyber security trainingDULLES, Va. (CitizenWire) — NetSecurity Corporation, a company positioned to be the brand of choice in digital forensics, cyber security, and training, announced today that it is giving away brand-new laptops loaded with forensic tools to students who attend its select Hands-On How-To® courses and register by the advertised registration deadline.

NetSecurity’s proprietary Hands-On How-To® training courses are different than traditional courses that are vendor-, product-, or certification-focused. Instead, the Hands-On How-To® training courses emphasize solving real-world problems faced in the field by security and computer forensic practitioners.

The current Hands-On How-To® training course offering includes: Computer Forensics for Beginners, Advanced Computer Forensics, Incident Response, Malware Analysis, Memory Forensics, Network Forensics, and Ethical Hacking. Students attending NetSecurity Hands-On How-To® courses range from professionals that are Computer Forensics Investigators, Cyber Security Analysts, Incident Responders, Malware Analysts, Law Enforcement Personnel, Compliance Officers, Auditors and Attorneys, to Technology Enthusiasts of all levels.

“Investigators from the U.S. government, defense and intelligence agencies, law enforcement and corporations, are coming to rely on our training because our hands-on how-to learning environment emphasizes practical knowledge and analytical problem solving skills required to handle the stress of real-world scenarios,” said Inno Eroraha, founder and chief strategist of NetSecurity.

“To reach this goal, we offer small class sizes and provide each student a laptop with which to conduct class exercises. Students meeting the stated registration deadlines are offered a brand-new laptop loaded with forensic tools that would allow them to begin investigating cyber crimes the day after the class ends,” adds Eroraha.

Some of NetSecurity’s alumni have the following to say:

“This [Malware Analysis Course] should be the standard”

“The course was all and more than I expected.”

“[The Instructor’s] level of knowledge and expertise was apparent and he was very helpful and patient during the exercises.”

“[The Instructor] was extremely knowledgeable! Presentation very nicely designed and delivered. [The Instructor] was always open to questions and discussion.”

“The instructor was a great one to have. It is obvious that he enjoys this and that makes a better learning experience.”

About NetSecurity:

NetSecurity Corporation is a digital forensics, hands-on security consulting and training company that provides timely, high-quality, and customer-focused solutions and education to corporations, financial institutions, government agencies, law firms, and law enforcement agencies. Through its state-of-the-art NetSecurity Forensic Labs, NetSecurity’s experts acquire, preserve, analyze, and produce digital evidence promptly that withstands legal scrutiny.

Its security solutions protect organizations from emerging security threats and help manage enterprise risks proactively. NetSecurity’s renowned proprietary Hands-On How-To® training program provides organizations and individuals with the knowledge of solving real-world challenges through simulated and “how-to” exercises that enable professionals to do their jobs successfully. NetSecurity is one of a handful of companies that has a Private Investigator (PI) license, required to legally conduct computer forensics investigations in Virginia.

NetSecurity’s security and forensics instructors and experts have authored or contributed to numerous articles about computer security, cyber crime, forensics, e-discovery, and incident response in outlets including: Virginia Lawyers Weekly, Richmond Times Dispatch, MIT Technology Review, Securities Industry News, HR Executive, and Northern Virginia Magazine, SC Magazine, and SecurePC magazine. Our consultants have presented at industry events, such as CEIC, SANS, ISACA, ISSA, OWASP, MISTI, Techno Forensics, and The Computer Forensics Show.

For more information, visit or call 1-866-66-HOW-TO.

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