Dr. Finian Tan Invests in Online College Affordable Education Programs and International Expansion

California InterContinental UniversityLOS ANGELES, Calif. (CitizenWire) — California InterContinental University (CalUniversity), a leading distance-learning educational institution, has received a $11.5 million investment from Dr. Finian Tan, the lead investor in China’s number one search engine This contribution makes Tan the university’s primary shareholder, and will be used to develop CalUniversity’s presence internationally as well as to provide affordable education worldwide.

CalUniversity’s business, healthcare and information technology programs will now be available to students in China, India and the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) countries, and will provide attendees with the ability to earn a degree for an affordable tuition. Dr. Finian Tan’s investment came as the result of the promising future he sees in CalUniversity and a strong belief in the career advancement it can bring to countries like China.

“Just as I saw a great future for, I see the same potential for success at CalUniversity,” said Investor Dr. Finian Tan. “There are a lot of opportunities in Asia and abroad, with education topping the list. With this investment I hope to make degree attainment a possibility for people of all ages and classes.”

“We’re excited to have Dr. Finian Tan on board to help CalUniversity reach its goals of providing affordable education in countries all over the world,” said CEO and Chairman of CalUniversity Dr. Shaan Kumar. “In China it is estimated that only one in four high school graduates has the opportunity to pursue a university level education, mainly due to high costs, and with Dr. Tan’s help we’re on our way to changing that.”

This investment will allow CalUniversity to offer programs for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees through an interactive learning curriculum, flexible degree completion and affordable tuition and fees. For more information on CalUniversity, please visit .

About CalUniversity:

California InterContinental University (CalUniversity) is a distance learning online educational institution dedicated to the study of business administration and management. As part of the school’s mission, CalUniversity promotes quality learning, critical thinking, and the discovery of new knowledge for the benefit of diverse business communities. CalUniversity strives to admit motivated and committed students who, through their academic accomplishments, will become successful business managers, executives, leaders, researchers, and consultants. For more information please visit, . In association with CalUniversity in the support of entrepreneurship, please visit .

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