Ohio Laser LLC has opened a new dedicated laser tube cutting and laser pipe cutting facility

Ohio Laser LLCPLAIN CITY, Ohio (CitizenWire) — Ohio Laser LLC has opened a new dedicated laser tube cutting and laser pipe cutting facility on their ISO-9001:2008 manufacturing campus. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) can now streamline their production of tubes and pipes efficiently at one location.

This stand-alone building features a brand-new 3600 Watt Trumpf TruLaser 7000 laser tube cutting system, a 3000 watt Trumpf Tubematic 5000 system, raw material storage and a 10 ton overhead crane to make the transfer of materials fast and easy throughout the entire facility. Custom tube fabricating services at Ohio Laser include CNC tube bending, robotic tube welding, machining and manual welding to process all types of tubes, pipes and other metal components.

The facility offers manufacturers tube cutting of outside dimensions between 0.6-inch through 8-inch square tubes and 10-inch round tubes. Ohio Laser offers laser tube cutting of tubes up to 30-feet long, weighing a maximum of 500 pounds and up to 1/2 inch wall thickness. In addition to the high tech capabilities at Ohio Laser, OEM’s and others can count on JIT service and decades of metal fabrication and engineering experience to improve their manufacturing processes with tubes and pipes.

Ohio Laser’s dedicated tube processing center offers manufacturers increased efficiencies in producing racks, frames, trusses, supports, manifolds or any other item made from cut tubes and other metal fabrications. Products that dramatically benefit from laser cut tubing include playground equipment, exercise equipment, point of purchase display racks, sign frames, railing, food equipment, industrial tables, display cases, ATVs, racking systems, etc.

Laser tube cutting is dramatically more advantageous than conventional tube cutting methods. Laser tube cutting lowers production costs by reducing multiple operations with conventional tube fabrication into one automated process. While conventional tube fabrication can include sawing, drilling and milling operations, all of which require setup and lag time – not to mention additional labor and overhead costs – laser tube cutting condenses such operations into a single act. Also, laser tube cutting and pipe cutting include the removal of stack up tolerances associated with multiple operations, zero tooling charges, and the ability to make smaller production (high) quality runs. Laser tube cutting makes possible the engineering of many types of profiles including holes, cutouts, end copes, bending copes, slots, tabs, and hook designs that considerably reduce (and in some cases a totally eliminate) weld tooling and clamping.

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