New PalSafe permits the creation and printing of critical admission records while a facility is experiencing a network outage

AMT Datasouth CorporationCAMARILLO, Calif. (CitizenWire) — AMT Datasouth Corporation is pleased to announce the release of PalSafe™, a network downtime workaround software package for use with AMT Datasouth Fastmark thermal printers. PalSafe permits the creation and printing of critical admission records while a facility is experiencing a network outage. PalSafe is intended for network users of Fastmark printers in hospitals, incarceration facilities, audience admission control and other environments.

With PalSafe installed on a Windows®-based PC, a user enters data into a PC screen template that mimics the network screen and then prints the desired wristband, label, tag or other document as it would print under network control. The screen template(s) are custom prepared by AMT Datasouth as part of the PalSafe software offer. The print template(s) are those already residing in the Fastmark printer and were prepared to the user’s specifications by AMT Datasouth. PalSafe allows the user to continue using the printer as if the network were fully functioning

PalSafe allows the administrator to set-up passwords to control entry and verify user authorization. PalSafe automatically encrypts and stores the data entries made by the user for later uploading into the system.

“PalSafe does away with clumsy and unsecured handwritten forms, backlogs of un-entered data and with the errors normally associated with such workarounds since it uses the same screen entry format used with the network,” says Joseph Eichberger, Pres. and CEO of AMT Datasouth. “Since most network systems are subject to scheduled downtime and all occasionally experience unscheduled downtime, PalSafe is a reliable, cost-effective solution to a network outage.”

PalSafe is attractively priced for system users having one or multiple entry sites. For a user with ten or more sites, PalSafe costs just $725 per site. The price includes the input screen template(s) designed to match the buyer’s exact specifications. PalSafe is delivered on a customized CD ready to install in the critical PC locations.

AMT Datasouth’s PalSafe is available to end users through authorized resellers. For more information on PalSafe, see the Company’s Web site at: . PalSafe is available now.

About AMT Datasouth:

AMT Datasouth offers a complete line of thermal bar code and label printers under its Fastmark brand. The Fastmark printers feature the renowned Pal application programming language that allows them to be seamlessly integrated into existing IT systems for replacing embossers, impact or other legacy printers without host reprogramming. AMT Datasouth has built its reputation on giving its customers what they want. More information: .

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