Hodson’s Software, LLC has announced CryptoFD for Flash Drive and Memory Device Protection

CryptoFD data securityHOUSTON, Texas (CitizenWire) — Hodson’s Software, LLC this week announced the launch of a brand new product – CryptoFD – designed to protect files on flash memory devices such as flash drives, SD cards, Micro-SD cards, compact flash cards and memory sticks.

Users may also install and register the full version of CryptoFD on up to three machines; an unregistered, decrypt only copy, may be used on flash memory devices.

So, whether traveling to give a business presentation or transferring files to a friend’s computer, users can rest assured that their files are safe and well secured.

“There is no longer a need to limit use to expensive, ‘protected’ USB flash drives,” says Howard Hodson, software developer. “With CryptoFD, people can now safely transport files on any type of memory-chip device.”

CryptoFD does not allow recovery of any encrypted data without the correct password or password phrase. No one beside the user will be able to recover data. And, it will only work on the device that the data was encrypted to. It is designed to protect flash memory devices and does not work with fixed disk or USB hard disk drives.

Now, what if you want to decrypt files on a machine that does not have CryptoFD installed? If the machine runs Windows(R) XP SP3, Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can because the portable copy on the flash memory device provides this capability.

Hodson’s Software also provides excellent customer service. A support page is provided for rapid customer response; and extensive help files for CryptoFD are available online. Users can also install their own copy of HELP.

The cost is $29.00, but a limited-time only (through January 3, 2011) discount of 25 percent is currently being offered. In addition, bulk discounts are also available.

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About Hodson’s Software:

Howard Hodson, a veteran programmer, has been writing code since 1969. He’s worked on everything from IBM mainframes to PDAs. The idea for CryptoFD was born out of personal necessity. Hodson wrote a program to protect his flash drive files and he liked the end result. He quickly adapted it for the commercial market.

Hodson’s Software works with PLIMUS – a hosted e-business platform for companies worldwide that helps to market, sell and distribute online digital goods and services, securely and confidently.

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