Enefco USA Announces Vitamin E Cosmetic Foam U.S. Patent Filing

polyurethane cosmetic foamAUBURN, Maine (CitizenWire) — A U.S. patent has been filed by Enefco USA for a new process of applying Vitamin E as a surface coating on non-latex hydrophilic polyurethane cosmetic foam. The patent pending process adds Vitamin E to the foam after the foam is manufactured and impregnates the foam in a range from surface coating to complete saturation.

“Vitamin E hydrophilic polyurethane foam is in high demand in the cosmetic industry,” says Peter Klein, President/CEO at Enefco USA, Inc. “Our customers have been requesting a more cost effective and consistent Vitamin E foam.”

“We are very pleased with how our process successfully coats and penetrates our cosmetic foams with Vitamin E,” said John Condon, Director of Operations for Enefco. “We can vary the surface concentration of Vitamin E applied. Once the cosmetic foam is thoroughly coated it passes through our system of rollers designed to aid the penetration of Vitamin E. The new process does not change the consistent softness of our cosmetic foams, which still maintains its supple, velveteen feel and texture. The Vitamin E is available on any foam densities we manufacture.”

About Enefco USA, Inc.:

Enefco, operating in Auburn, Maine for over 90 years, manufactures high-quality non-latex hydrophilic polyurethane cosmetic foam. Our experienced manufacturing abilities allow us to manufacture, cut, and package cosmetic foam within our 75,000 square foot manufacturing facility. ENcell cosmetic foam is available in a variety of thicknesses and densities, providing a range of quality products to meet our customer’s demands and expectations.

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